Focused Instruction

Focused Instruction
Every week we focus on a new reading skill.  The students practice the skill and are then assessed on it.  They chart their progress on a graph and practice the skills the following week during Success Time.   
Words in Isolation
Words in Context
Reading Strategies
Author's Purpose
Story and Literary Structure
Sequencing and Ordering 
Main Idea
Drawing Conclusions
Literary Terms and Devices
Interpreting Instructions
Practice the skills: 

Words in Isolation:
Words in Context:
Reading Strategies:
Author's Purpose:
Story and Literary Structure:
Sniffy and Fluffy have an Adventure 
Sequencing and Ordering: 
Main Idea:
Drawing Conclusions: 
Literary Terms and Devices: 
Lesson Ideas for Reading Comprehension and Poetry 
Interpreting Instructions:


Teacher Resources
Multiple FIP skills:
Graphic Organizers