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List of References and Resources:Websites:

Rainforest Research: 

EnchantedLearning of information and pictures about the Rainforest

A Jungle Journey : Rainforests in Danger
A webquest from 6th grade students in Salt Lake School District.

Keep Your Eye on the Rainforest
A webquest from 5th and 2nd grade students in Salt Lake School District.

Rainforest Action Network
This is one of the best for rainforest information. You'll find info on rainforest plants and animals.  Check out the online quiz, the Kid's Corner, and the fact sheets.

Rainforest Database
A rainforest is a framework of trees which supports a huge variety of animals and other plant forms.

Tropical Forests
There are three main regions of tropical rainforest: in Central and South America, in West and Central Africa, and in Southeast Asia.

All About Rainforests
Great rainforest information geared to students from
Zoom School.

Explore the rainforest with KuKura, guardian of the rainforest, as your guide.

What's It Like Where You Live : Rainforest
From the Missouri Botannical Gardens. This general site has good information about other biomes as well.

Rainforest Alliance
Check out the "For Kids and Teachers" section for activities, fact sheets, and more.

Cultural Survival
Choose "Education & Outreach" from the menu on the left. Then choose "Classroom Resources" for activities to use in the classroom.

Science in the Rainforest

Rainforest Information Centre
This site is updated weekly. Choose "Education" from the menu. Choose "Top 10 Stories" to read current news articles about rainforests around the world.

Washington Wilderness
Maritime temperate rainforest.

The Tropical Rainforest in Suriname
A virtual tour. Suriname is a small country at the top of South America near Venezuela.

Rainforests : Diversity and Destruction
Australia has both tropical and temperate rainforests.

Photo-Journey Through a Costa Rican Rainforest
Great photographs.

Amazon Interactive
Explore the geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon through online games and activities. Learn about the rainforest and the Quichua people who call it home. Discover the ways in which the Quichua live off the land. Then try your hand at running a community-based ecotourism project along the Río Napo.

Amazon Brazil
"There are about 4 billion hectares of forest in the world, of which about 25 percent is tropical rainforest."

Temperate Rainforest
Temperate rainforests in the Pacific northwest. There are student modules and activities and a teacher page.

Under the Umbrella of the Tropical Rainforest
A student webquest.

Exploratorium : Exploring the Amazon
Great information about the

South America : Amazon Rainforest
Made by a 6th grade teacher. The site has other 6th grade units, many on ancient civilizations.

River of Venom
Access Excellence (a place in cyberspace for biology teaching and learning), this is an online rainforest mystery for you to solve.

Virtual Rainforest
National Geographic.

Manu : Peru's Hidden Rainforest
The people, the flora and fauna, the history. Choose "Classroom Resources" to find lesson plans.

Alaska Rainforest
Temperate rainforests.

World Rainforest Movement
Choose "Tropical Forests" from the main page. You can then choose rainforest information by country.

Tropical Rainforest Coalition
Select "Rainforest Facts". You can also see what schools are doing to support rainforest preservation.

Photographing Tortuguero
Photographs from a Smithsonian photographer.

Wildlife Conservation Society
More on conservation

Project Amazonas
The ecology, plants, animals, etc. of the Peruvian part of the Amazon.

Rainforest Wordsearch
A printable wordsearch.

Rain Bird
Grade level activities about the rainforest.

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