Science and Social Studies Thematic Units

2nd Grade Social Studies Units

Cultures in Chicago

Cultural Leaders in the United States


Mini Mall/Economics

Ben's Guide to the US Government

Ben's Guide to the Symbols

White House for Kids

Statue of Liberty Photo Tour

Statue of Liberty Paper Model to Print

Statue of Liberty, US Flag, Bald Eagle, Liberty Bell

Bald Eagle Craft

Photos of Washington DC monuments

 White House for Kids

Federal Reserve  Board for Kids

How Laws are Made

Kids in the House

Presidential Biographies (Learn about the Presidents)

The Bill of Rights

Learn how the government affects you!

Congress for Kids

Government for Kids


2nd Grade Science Units


Human Body

The Tongue:

The Senses:

Five Senses: 

 Ms. Rose's Website- Human Body Links Real Heart A Kid's Heart In A Heartbeat How Your Heart Works Electric Heart Open Heart Heart Index of Links Healthy Heart Heart Lessons Heart Online Exploration Biointeractive Sites-Heart Heart Heart Links Human Body Links

Scientific Process and Inquiry


Zoom Dinosaurs