Beginning Theatre


Welcome to Beginning Theatre! Our introductory class for your start into the theatre electives. In this class you will learn many things that will better help prepare you for college, and also open the doors to exciting world of theatre. In this class you will learn to work in teams, present yourself, learn basic theatre terminology, read scripts and analyze them, learn the basics of body language, get aquainted with improvisation, do basic scene work, learn some theatre history, and enjoy performing for students and your class in class. All lessons are based around the Virginia Theatre Standards

Five Units

There are five units we will be doing in class.

1. Basic Theatre Terminology/History

2. Pantomime

3. Script Adaption/Character Anaylsis

4. Scene Work



“The theatre is a spiritual and social X-ray of its time.”
- Stella Adler

Grading Policy

 Participation Grade (which will make up 20%) will be based on the following:

Attendance and Preparation for class

Completion of assignments

Positive participation

Ability to listen to others and work within a group

Scholar grades will be based on the following:

Performance Assessments 25%

Formative Assessments (Homework, drama journal, classwork) 30%

Summative Assessment 25%


Drama Journal Requirements

Every student is required to maintain a Drama Journal. Here they will record classnotes, performance

evaluations, reflections and other written class activities. Drama journals will be periodically checked for

completeness by classmates and teacher at least once per grading period.