4 June 2010


Trading Cards

4 June - Research sheets for 3 plants or animals completed

7 June - Research sheets for 4 plants or animals completed and draft copies for 4 cards completed

11 June - 5 Trading Cards, final copies completed


30 April 2010


Homework to make up for absence on Thursday, April 29th, 2010 

Yesterday, while you were absent, the class learned about being safe on the internet. We need to learn this because the school will soon have an open internet signal that students and staff will be able to access using their own computers and other internet capable devices.

Assignment 1 

Please go this website http://badguypatrol.ca/ and do the activities for 8-10 year olds. When you are done, please print the certificate and bring it to class on Monday as proof that you have done this assignment.

 Assignment 1 Checklist

  1. Go to this website http://badguypatrol.ca/
  2. Do the 4 activities for 8-10 year olds
  3. Please print the certificate
  4. Bring certificate to class on Monday
 Assignment 2 
  1. Please go this website http://www.media-awareness.ca/english/games/index.cfm and do these 3 activities:
    1. Co-co’s Adversmarts
    2. Privacy Playground
    3. Cybersense and Nonsense
  2. Write down 2 things you learned from each activity
  3. Email it to slfolks@cbe.ab.ca or bring it in on Monday.