Ms. Frankenberg's Classroom Website-November

What is going on in Math?

It is time for you to start practicing your multiplication facts.  By learning these facts, division will become easy for you and you will be ready for what lies ahead.  Please practice using memorization, paper and pencil, or visit,, or .  Make sure your parents know which sites you are visiting and they are monitoring your progress.

What is going on in Reading?

We are reading about the Pilgrim's voyage on the Mayflower and the difficulty they faced on the trip and when they arrived in the new land.  Please make sure you read Across the Wide Dark Sea.  If you wish to learn more about the pilgrims, please visit  They have some very cool pages describing what happened back in 1620 and 1621 in the new world.  We will also be reading Molly's Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen.   This is a story about a different type of pilgrim.  Pay close attention so you don't become confused!

What else is going on in our room?

We made treats to sell at the P.T.A. bake sale.  We are also working on our paragraphs for our "favorites" basket.  Our pilgrim simulation is off to a great start.  Look for report cards soon! Laughing