There have been a few areas that we have focused on this year to help improve our reading. 


  The children have learned to use the following strategies.  It's always great to listen to your child read and encourage them to use a variety of strategies to identify an unknown word.  Strategies marked with an asterik are ones that you should mention more often to your kids.

- sounding a word out

- using pictures for clues

- getting your mouth ready to say a word

* skipping the word, reading to the end of the sentence and reread the sentence again

* ask yourself, "What will make sense?"

* ask yourself, "Does this make sense?"

* going back to the beginning of the sentence to reread


  Students have learned about the "scooping" technique this year.  While reading a story, we naturally want to group words together in our to sound more fluent.  If we read word by word it sounds very choppy.  We are trying to encourage the kids to read as fluently as we speak.  One way to practice this is the take a pencil and draw scoops under the words where we would have natural pauses.  The more practice of scooping, the more easily the kids will use this technique on their own. 

Example:  I chased the dog down the street last night.


  In order to promote better comprehension , we have chosen to use a hands on method for story retelling.  The following elements should be included when retelling a story:

- main character

- setting

- kick off (main problem)

- character feelings

- attempts (events in order)

- resolution

- character feelings at the end

Reflection and Connections:

  Students should be able to read stories on their independent level and reflect or connect to what was read.  Some types of questions your child may be asked are:

- What is the author trying to tell you?

- What message is the author giving?

- What kinds of connections can you make to the story?  (to you life, to another story, to the world)


Need some books this summer.  Check out this link to leveled books!

The following levels equate to the following DRA levels: