Students have been using organizers in order to brainstorm and include important events in their stories.  There have been a few presented to them this year, however, the majority of students are using the narrative writing diamond for narrative stories.  Look below for different writing prompts.  Take a look and practice completing a narrative diamond based on those prompts!  It's a great way to practice for September!

Writing Prompts for Narrative and Descriptive Stories:


Sections of the Narrative Writing Diamond:

  Your child has been instructed in how to use the narrative writing diamond to write rich, powerful, descriptive peices.  The following sections should be included in their stories:

- Entertaining Hook or Beginninng

- Description of Setting, Character and/or Object

- Main Event (to include 3 ideas/actions)

- Ending (how the main event will end)

- Extended Ending (memories, hopes, decisions, reflection)

Please encourage your children to use their 5 senses when describing things.  In addition, you can find more information on the writing process by clicking on the following link.