Benjamin Franklin


  • Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusettes
  • Franklin's father was a soap maker who had 17 children, Benjamin was the 10th
  • When he was just 12 years old, Benjamin Franklin apprenticed under his brother as a print-maker
  • Benjamin wrote an advice column for his brother's paper under the alias of "Silence Dogood"
  • Franklin ran away from his abusive brother to Philadelphia in 1723
  • Benjamin was had a son, William in 1728 and wed his wide, Deborah Read in 1730
  • Benjamin and Deborah ran a print shop together where they sold random items like: books, soap, and fabric
  • Benjamin Franklin bought the Pennsylvania Gazette and published Poor Richard's Almanack
  • Franklin was very concerned with the environment and often organized clean-ups of the streets
  • Benjamin Franklin died at the age of 84 on April 17, 1790