Business Comm: School and Major

School and major interview model 

For the general question:  Tell me about your university and major?

Ignore the Qs and follow the As. 

Q:  You said that you had attended university.  What school did you go to?

A:  I went to _________ which is in ___________.  I chose that school because __________.

Q:  What did you major in?  (What was your major?)

A:  I majored in _____ (My major was _____) because, _____.

    I also minored in _______ and took many electives in the _______ department.

    My favorite course was (The course I enjoyed the most was) _______.

    I liked that course because ________.  I didnt enjoy _______ because, ________.

Q:  Where did you live while you were attending university?

A:  I lived (in a dormitory, in an apartment, at home, with my ________.)

    This was a good place for me to live because

Q:  Can you tell me one of your favorite memories from university?

A:  I once (one time)

Q:  Can you tell me about a difficult time at university?

A:  Yes, there was one time when

Q:  Is there anything you would change about your education?

A:  No, I am happy with my education.


    Yes, I wish I had (taken more____, studied ______ harder)

School and Major Cause and Effect (Military Service)

Useful Expressions

for (expresses cause)

I am now well organized, for I learned organization skills in university.

so (expresses effect)

I learned organization skills in university, so I am now well organized.

because (expresses cause)

I can now ________, because I studied ________ in university.

since (expresses cause)

I am now able to _________, since serving my military service.

therefore (expresses effect)

I served my military service; therefore, I can now __________.

as a result of

As a result of my university education, I am now a better employee.

 School and Major:  Example and Homework Can you tell me about your university and major? 

I went to Chicago University in Illinois.  I chose this university because it has a good reputation and I wanted to move away from home and be more independent.  My major was Philosophy because I always enjoyed reading books by famous philosophers.  My favorite class was Ethics, because we had many interesting discussions in that class.  It was taught by my favorite professor, Dr. Unger.  He was a very challenging professor.  He also taught my least favorite class, which was Logic.  I didnt like Logic, because there were too many formulas to memorize.  Dr. Smith was my least favorite professor, because his lectures were very boring.  I passed all of my classes and graduated in 2001.

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