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Hobby interview questions

Q:  Can you tell me about your hobby?


Playing sports and games hobby

A:  Yes, I like to play _______.  I usually play (once a week, twice a month) with my ______.  I usually play at (place) for _____ hours. 

    I started playing ___ years ago. (I started playing when I was (age).)

    (Person) taught me how to play.

Q:  When was the last time you played?

A:  I played _____ days (weeks, months) ago with my _______ at ________.

Q:  Are you very good at it?

A:  1) Im not very good.  I just play for fun.

    2) Im pretty good.  I have played in a league.

    3) Im good, but Im still trying to get better.

 Collecting hobby

A:  Yes, I like to collect ______.  I have (about, around) (number).

    I got most of them (at, from) ________.

    My favorite one is ______ because

    I have been collecting for ____ years. (I have been collecting since I was (age).)

 Music listening hobby

A:  Yes, I like to listen to music.  I really enjoy ______ music because

    My favorite artist is _____ because

    My favorite song is ______ because

    I also enjoy listening to ______. (type of music, artist name)

 Watching movie or TV, or reading books hobby

A:  Yes, I like to watch (movies, TV).  (I like to read books.)

     I like (movies, shows, books) about _______.

     I like (type) of (movies, shows, books) (Jazz English list.) because

    My favorite (movie, show, book) is _______.  It is about

  Movies and TV

      I usually watch (movies, TV) with _______ (by myself)

 Watching sports hobby

A:  Yes I like to watch (sport).  I like this sport because

    My favorite team is ______.  I like them because

    I usually watch them (on TV, live)  I have seen them play live ____ times.

Q:  Can you tell me about the last time you went to a live game?

A:  The last time I went to a live game was (when).

     (Tell what happened during the game.)

 Play music hobby

A:  Yes, I play the (instrument).

 I started playing when I was (age).  (I have played since I was (age).)

 (I have played for ____ years.)

I became interested in the (instrument) because

    I now play a (frequency) times a (week, month, year).

 Surfing the internet

A:  Yes, I like to surf the internet.

    My favorite website to visit is ___________, because

 Since vs. For with Present Perfect Since is used with the present perfect to express that something has happened since a point in time. Examples: I've lived here since 1999.
She's been working hard since two this afternoon.
For is used with the present perfect to express that something has happened for a period of time. Examples:

I've worked at this job for 10 years.
Peter's been playing tennis for two hours

Hobby Example and Homework Can you tell me about your hobby?

My hobby is playing video games.  I started playing video games when I was a child.  At first, I played at the arcade with my friends then I bought a home video game system.  When I was a child the home video game systems were not very advanced but they were still fun.  I still enjoy the classic video games like Sonic the Hedgehog but I also like some of the new video games.  My favorite video game is DDR, because it combines music and exercise.  I have a DDR pad for my system at home and I usually play three times a week.


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