Earth History Ch. 1 Review Questions

Mrs. Gibson                                 Unit - C , Earth Waters                               Chapter 1 Review Questions
 Answer the following review questions below…

1.       In the diagram on page 9, where did the water on the outside of the glass come from?

2.       What does this activity tell you about the air surrounding you?  What conclusions can you draw?

3.       Where is most of Earth’s water?

4.       What is the difference between fresh water and salt water?

5.       Looking at the diagram on page 11, what does the glass of water represent?

6.       What percentage of water on Earth is salt water?

7.       What are the two forms of fresh water?

8.       Using the diagram on page 13, what three processes are shown to occur during the water cycle?

9.       Why does water vapor in air condense into liquid droplets?

10.   Name three things about water that make it unique or important

11.   How much of Earth’s water is fresh water?

12.   Explain the three processes that make up the water cycle.

13.   On page 17, use your finger; trace each divide in this drawing.  Point out four drainage basins.

14.   Where does the divides found?

15.   Where does the water falling into the divide flow?

16.   How does human activity contribute to eutrophication?

17.   Where is most of Earth’s fresh water?

18.   Why is it important that fresh water flows over Earth’s Surface?

19.   Explain that relationship between a drainage basin and a divide.

20.   Where and in what form is most of the fresh water on Earth?

21.   What prevents groundwater from sinking farther down?

22.   Looking at the diagram on page 26, what forms the upper boundary in an aquifer?

23.   What form the bottom of the aquifer?

24.   What holds the water in place?

25.   Is there an aquifer in your state?

26.   What makes water flow upward out of an artesian well?

27.   Looking at the diagram on page29, what would happen if the water table dropped below the bottom end of the well?

28.   What are the two differences between a well and a spring?

29.   What causes underground water to flow upward?

30.   Why does water shoot out of Old Faithful with such great force?

31.   Draw a diagram that shows how water collects underground?

32.   What is the difference between a spring and a well?

33.   What causes water to rise out of the ground in hot springs and Geysers?

Define the following vocabulary words below:

Fresh Water


Salt Water


Water Cycle










Drainage basin














Spring Well




Water Table