Earth Waters Ch. 2 Review Questions

Earth Waters Chapter 2 Review Questions1.       How is water used in industry?2.       How do ships need to use locks?Page 47: 3.       Which gates are open in the lock shown in the photograph? Which are closed?4.       What are three ways that you directly use fresh water daily?5.       Identify a benefit and a possible disadvantage of aquaculture.6.       Explain why dams are both helpful to people and harmful to a river.7.       How does water provider know that it must treat water?8.       The next few questions refer to the diagram on Page 52:a.        What is the source of the fresh water?b.       Where does water go first when in treatment plant?c.        What is added in the mixers?d.       What do the clumping agents do?e.       Where does the water go next?f.         What happens in the clarifying pool?g.        Where does the water go next?h.       What do the filters take out?i.         What is added to the water at the end?j.         What does this substance do?k.        Where does the water go next?l.         Where does go after that?9.       From where does the water entering a sewage treatment facility come from?10.    Which parts of wastewater treatment are similar to treatment of drinking water?11.    Where is a septic tank located?12.    What parts make up a septic tank system?13.    What would happen if the sludge is not cleared out periodically?14.    What is the best way to dispose a bucket of dirty, soapy water after washing a car?Refer to page 55: 15.    What are five major categories of water pollution? 16.    What causes urban pollution?17.    What is the plane doing?18.    How is the ship causing water pollution?19.    Why might a part of the river downstream be more polluted than a part of the river upstream?20.    Which sources of pollution have you seen occurring?21.    How does pavement contribute to water pollution?22.    How are EPA standards used to ensure a clean, safe supply of water?23.    What are two ways that wastewater is treated before it can be released?24.    What is the difference between point-source pollution and nonpoint-source pollution?25.    How has overuse of water affected some rivers?26.    Refer to page 62:27.    Which of the three activities use the most water?28.    What percentage of the water that people use each day comes from the faucet?29.    Which two uses make up half of the water used at home each day?30.    What repair could save 5 percent of the water that people use?31.    What are the three main ways in which people conserve water?32.    How does the industry conserve water?33.    How can Alaska help solve a water shortage?34.    How does some international organizations help with water-related problems?35.    What is drought and what problems does it cause?36.    How are aquifers and rivers being depleted?37.    Name two ways to help prevent water shortages.