Disease Diary Instructions 

  • Each submission should contain a graphic of some aspect of the disease as well as an outline description of the specific characteristics, causes, signs & symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for the disease.
  • All sources should be cited in the correct format for print and internet (APA format)
  • Please include the reference for any graphics you include.
  • If you find a particularly useful source site, please indicate this so it can be added to the reference sites on this page.
  • The submission should have a cover page with Name of Disease, your name, date, period.

 Outline Example 

Name of Disease

  • I.              Characteristics
  • a.
  • b.
  • c.
  • II.             Causes
  • III.            Signs & Symptoms
  • IV.           Diagnosis
  • V.            Treatment for the disease


**Note each topic should have atleast 3 subtopics (ex. a,b,c) 



Disease Project 

1st Page Cover Page which includes the Picture

2nd Page Outline

3rd Page is Reference Page which includes sources listed in APA format.