Dismissal Procedures



Unless otherwise noted, students will be sent home according to their regular dismissal routine.

Picking up Your Child

If you plan on picking up your child from school, please send in a note.  If I do not have this information and the buses are here I must put your child on the bus. If you are picking up your child for early dismissal, I will need to be informed so I can ensure that your child has all the necessary notices and homework items.

Aftercare Children

If your child attends the aftercare program please let me know the days they will be attending each week. If there is ever a change in this schedule please notify me so I can ensure I am dismissing your child the correct way. In addition, you must call the office to alert aftercare of any changes in your child’s child care routine.

Change in Dismissal

If your child will be going home with another student or staying afterschool for an extracurricular activity please send in a note regarding the change in your child’s normal dismissal routine.  Notification via word of mouth from your child is an unacceptable form of communication. If you forget to send in a note regarding the change or the change was unexpected please call the school to notify me of the change in your child’s dismissal. Thank you!