Monday, September 28th

1.  Spelling-Write words 2x each on looseleaf paper.  

2.  Math-w.s. p. 20 

3.  Read 15 min. and fill out log.  Keep log home until next Monday.

4.  Creative Writing due Wednesday.

5.  Math Superstars due Friday.    

6.  Book report (diorama) due by September 30th (this Wednesday!).  

7.  We will have a Math Test tomorrow, Reading test on Thursday, Religion Quiz Thursday,  and a Spelling test on Friday.

8.  Math Test on Chapter 1 tomorrow. 


Tuesday, September 29th

1.  Spelling-5 sentences

2.  Math-w.s. p. 21

3.  Creative Writing due tomorrow.

4.  Read 15 min./log.  


Wednesday, September 30th

1.  Spelling-ABC Order  

2.  Math-w.s. p. 22

3.  Read 15 min. and fill out log.

4.  Reread your story for your test tomorrow.  


Thursday, October 1st

1.  Spelling-Study!  Practice on Spelling City.

2.  Math-w.s. p. 23

3.  Read 15 min./log

4.  Math Superstars due tomorrow.


Friday, October 2nd

1.  Read 15 min./log.

2.  Bring in signed, cut out, and colored log on Monday.

3.  Remember to have sharpened pencils with you next week for IOWA Tests!  Get a good night's sleep on Sunday night, and eat a good breakfast.