Practice Links


Interactive Multiplication Chart



Interactive Clock!


Multiplication Flashcards



Class Code for epic!





Continents and Countries






Rainforest Animals and Their Sounds


Reading Bingo Card





Animoto Video Making Software!



Spelling City

You have your login information in your HW folder.   


Help with Forming Cursive Letters if You Need!  You can advance to the letter you are looking for.


Time for Kids (This is a link to our weekly magazine that we get in school.  No login needed.  Children can read stories online!



You will just need your game pin!


Discovery Education







Loyola Press (Religion)


First in Math


Study state locations or capitals at abcya!


Click the link below to interact with food chains!

Learn what is was like to migrate to Ellis Island by clicking on the link below:


Active Wild Rainforest Research

Rainforest National Geo for Kids!


Rainforest Biomes


Rainforest Research


Halloween Games


ABCYA Math Games

Young Explorers: A picture dictionary with cool links.


Crayola for Kids: Learn about making crayons or create 
cards, play games or view arts and crafts projects.


North Carolina Encyclopedia for kids


Scholastic Kids: Find your favorite characters, the best 
books, games galore, and other Web Wonders.


Weekly Reader Online


50 STATES: information about every state and capitol


Family Education Network:games, quizlab


Family Fun: Thousand of ideas for families: Activities and 
Crafts, Parties, Recipes, and Travel


Do math flashcards online!


San Francisco Symphony for Kids!


Fun way to learn states and capitals!


Math Coach


Food Chain Game!


Stump the Shepherd!


Follow that shark!  Shark tracking site!


Math Games and Worksheet Practice of All Kinds!


Watch Santa's reindeer at feeding times with Reindeer Cam!


Make an origami sonobe ball!  How to steps on our Christmas 


Fun Timers!  Set these and do your homework!


Dolphin Money Counting


Learn about all the different types of animals!
San Diego Zoo Kids' Website!


First in Math!


John Smith Adventure


Energy Flow Food Chain


Food Webs!


Food Chain Quiz!


Eagle Watching!


Practice all your multiplication tables!
Math Multiplication Game


More practice with states!


Compete with your classmates in a game of multiplication!  


Make Your Own Volcano!


Fun Math Games


Fractions!  Identify Basic Fractions!


Capital Penguin Hop!


Adding Fractions with Like Denominators


Gynzy Space Research!

Solar Eclipse