Weekly Newsletter

June 1, 2021

Dear Parents,

     I cannot believe this crazy year is coming to an end!  I have so enjoyed your children, and they have worked so hard and really didn't skip a beat with their academics.  That is a testament to you for all of the support you have given them and me.  As I start to think about a permanent exit from OLL, I count my blessings that my last year here ended with this sweet class.  They are fun, bright, service-oriented, good conversationalists (we've had many a lunch together outside), and creative!  

     I will be here in Raleigh through Christmas, at least.  I hope our paths cross and we can chat without the masks!  (I am also going to be doing some tutoring this summer and fall, so if you hear of anyone needing help, feel free to share my personal email with them.  blhuger@gmail.com). 

     We will be doing some fun things this week to wrap up our year.  We will be performing the Trial of the Big Bad Wolf play on Thursday.  Children should be bringing in their outfit to change into if they have a separate part.  Also, the jury can dress up as people of various occupations (they don't have to but they can if they like).  

     Thanks to Mrs. Yardley, Mrs. Lonneman, and Mrs. Conklin for sending in treats for us this last week to celebrate the end of the year.   


BIRTHDAYS:  Summer birthdays are Mark 6/8, Emma Grace 6/15, Ryan 6/24, Belle 6/27, and Anna Grace 7/25!   


Have a great summer!  I hope we emerge from this cloud we have had hanging over us and can get back to some normalcy.  Enjoy your family and loved ones. 




Laurie Huger