Liberty's Music

Welcome to Liberty Elementary School's virtual music classroom! 

Look to this site for information about our daily music activities and performances.  This is going to be an exciting year for us, and we cannot wait to get started!  Laughing


 Liberty Elementary Music Program Q & A

Q-Who teaches music at Liberty Elementary?

A-         My name is Amy Hopkins, and I love music!  I have enjoyed singing and playing instruments my whole life.  I have an Associates in Vocal Performance from Young Harris College, a Bachelors of Science in Music Education from North Georgia College and State University, and a Masters in Theological Studies from Liberty University.  I live in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains with my sweet yorkie named Fergie.

Q-Who receives an education in music at your school?

A-     Every student at our school receives at least one 45 minute session of music each week.

Q-Do you have standards?

A-            Yes!  Music has both National and State standards.  These standards give us the guidelines we need to steer our learning.  Liberty’s music program integrates music standards with the Georgia Performance Standards for each grade and subject to provide our students with a complete and cohesive education.

Q-Do the students perform?

A-            Of course!  Our students have two musical performances each year.  These performances are held off campus and hosted by our gracious partners in education.  Pre-k, Kindergarten, and 1st grades perform together.  2nd and 3rd grades have a joint concert.  4th and 5th grades hold their performance together, and the Treble Makers have a separate show.


Q-What is all that commotion coming from the music room?

A-            Music!  We play xylophones, recorders, dulcimers, African instruments, Boomwhackers, and a myriad of other instruments.  Students experience many different genres of music including folk, jazz, rock, hip hop, R & B, soul, rap, classical, and many MANY more!  We also dance and perform dramas.  The noises coming from the music room are simply the sounds of students enjoying all that music has to offer.

Have more questions?  Call Liberty Elementary at 706-886-3934! 

Treble Makers

The Liberty Elementary School Treble Makers are a group of 4th and 5th grade students who meet after school to share their love of music.  The Treble Makers sing, dance, and play instruments including xylophones, recorders, dulcimers, African drums, and various other percussion instruments.  These students enjoy a wide range of music from classic folk songs to modern rock anthems. 

The Treble Makers would enjoy the opportunity to share their love of music and community with you.  If you would like more information about Liberty Elementary School’s music program, or if you would like to have a little Treble at your business or community event, please call the school at 706-886-3934. 

Everyone needs a little Treble!