Developing as a Professional Educator

My goal for my last year for CTI was about assessments, but the year before it was about management. My progress for assessment included many attempts of learning how my students show their work. I tried visual, oral, and written assessments this year. All of them were successful, but all were them were done differently by students. My areas of strength that I have learned in my teaching experience is certainly classroom management. Classroom management is something I felt was important. It needed to be established so that I could teach properly. My students endured my trials and errors. I find my assessments could be worked on some more. I really got out of the box of thinking about tests only. I went through project ideas and my students really enjoyed them. I have surprised my self by my management skills. I have had so many compliments from other teachers about my management style. It is great to know my class knows what is expected of them and we can spend more time on actually learning. 


My professional goal for myself after induction involves teaching strategies. I want to take the standards of Common Core and really perfect how I teach the content. I want my students to be engaged, interested and learn the right material. I think teaching is a craft that can always be improved. Learning new ways to teach is obviously a part of that. I will work toward developing ways to study content we go over. The way I will access myself is by creating a folder of different material. This will show me that I have several strategies to use for different areas like reading, vocabulary, and math. 


I think the best way to be a connected educator is by always expanding my teaching strategies. I plan on attending as many professional development opportunities as I can. I plan on using the website I created to branch out to other teachers. I will use other websites and resources to add to my pedagogy. I think always having an open mind to new information and teacher ideas. 


In order for me to remain passionate about teaching students is by always creating new ideas. I know I get bored easily with the same things. If I can always work towards making things new and or better than I can stay excited about it. I also want to introduce new content. I love to learn so if I can provide something that I can teach myself and then the students, that would help. I also think continuing my education would be helpful too. Like I said before, I like to learn. I think I can always be passionate about my students if I also stay in touch with them. 


"Miss Richards strives to perfect her teaching and wants to change the world" - Coach 


My advice for teachers entering the profession has to do with passion. Teaching is harder than it looks and it takes a lot of patience. Even though it will be challenging teaching can be fun. It takes some time to get a routine down and how you want to handle your classroom. Another piece of advice I would offer is make sure you have good classroom management. Without the management students can take advantage of you. You want to have a firm understanding on what you expect in your classroom.