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Star of the Week

This is an opportunity for students to share about themselves with their classmates.

Having each student share about him or herself helps to build community in our classroom. It is also a way for students to learn more about each other.

Students will have the opportunity to be the "Star" twice.

Once during the first semester and once during the second semester.


2017-2018 Schedule


During the week our "Star" will have an exciting event or activity to honor him or her.

Below is a list of events for each day.

Please help your child be prepared.

This helps avoid hurt feelings when things are forgotten at home.


Monday...Show and Tell     Students are encouraged to bring in something that holds special meaning to them. Our "Star is also to bring in pictures to display on the wall.

Tuesday...Special Lunch Guest     Our "Star" can have his own table at lunch and can invite any family members to join them.

Wednesday...Parent Letter Day     Please send in a special letter in a sealed envelope to school. I will read the letter to class. Here are some suggestions: Describe funny or special stories about your child. Send silly or special pictures with a letter describing the picture.

Thursday...Favorite Slippers Day     Our "Star" can wear their favorite slippers in class all day.

Friday...Favorite Picture Book Day     Our "Star" can read a book to the class.




Get 2 Months for $5!