Mr. Lindsay

Grading Policy

Mustang Mid-High


Instructor: Mr. Lindsay

            Your grade will be based on the total number of points that you will earn this semester. This total will be divided by the total number possible. This percentage will then be compared to the standard grading scale to determine your letter grade.

  • 100-90 A
  •   89-80 B
  •   79-70 C
  •   69-60 D
  •     59-0 F
  1. Points will be awarded in the following ways:
  2. Daily project progress grades.
  3. Daily cleanup
  4. Projects


       Make up work

You must make up any assignment that you miss within the same number of days that you were out of school. (Example: If there are three days of school missed you have three days to ask the instructor what was missed, complete, and then turn in the work.) NOTE: There will be no attempt by the instructor to let you know that you missed an assignment, this is your responsibility. Ask upon your return to class to see if anything was missed.


Major Assignments: Safety pledge25 points

                              Safety tests/ 100 points

                              Pen Holder/ 200 points

                                                       Small bat/ 100 points

                                                       Wooden Pen/ 100 points

                                                       Name plate/ 200 points

                                                       Bowl/ 200 points

                                                       Jewelry box/ 400 points

                                                       Semester test/ 100 points

                                                       Clean up

                                                       Daily Progress


  1. After given an explanation of the course, each student will be able to understand what is required of him or her in this class.
  2. After observing a demonstration about hand tool usage and safety, each student will be able to use the tools safely and correctly.
  3. After observing a demonstration about machine usage and safety, each student will be able to use the machines safely and correctly. Each student will pass a written safety test and a “show me test” over each machine with a 100% accuracy prior to using the machines.
  4. Each student will complete the assigned projects using as many of the tools and machines as possible to the best of their ability.
  5. After completing the course, each student will be able to construct with a high degree of accuracy any project attempted with the ability to use all of the machines and tools safely.