My Teaching Philosophy


 *Students learn best in a creative setting. I will encourage students to think outside of the box. Creativity should be encouraged and not stifled, unless it interferes with a positive classroom environment. We will continue to search for that “Kodak Moment”, opportunities that are spontaneous and facilitate the objective, while being driven by student imagination. With a cooperative effort between student, teacher, and home relations, our ultimate goal for your child will be another successful lifelong learner. 

 *Together we will emphasize a positive learning environment.I believe all students desire and have the right to learn, but realize the unique differences and levels each will enter my classroom with. To this end, all students and parents will be made aware of behavior expectations, and each student will be treated in a fair and consistent manor to modify any action that interferes with the educational process. I will expect my students to respect the diversity of their fellow classmates.

 *The parents will be the key in aiding their child’s educational success. The parent will continue to be an integral part of their child’s education. I encourage communication channels to be maintained and welcome both personal and phone contacts to review student progress. I believe the parent has a major role in facilitating student needs when schoolwork is brought into the family home. When parents read to their children and communicate about daily school activities, student learning will be maximized. 

*I will provide different strategies to enhance student’s learning.I will strive to assess and develop individual needs and facilitate their educational growth using a variety of teaching strategies. Students learn best when they are actively engaged, and have found that this technique fits well with the prescribed material and curriculum determined for this grade level. I realize my responsibility in maintaining a classroom climate conducive to a positive educational practice. I will provide a physically and emotionally safe environment that will stimulate and maximize the students learning experience. 

*The students and I will continue to learn and grow throughout the year.I value my personal professional growth, and will strive to stay current in the educational field. As with my students, I believe we all are lifelong learners. Each unique relationship developed with my students will add to my ability to teach a child to appreciate the learning experience, be curious about the world around them, and strive to be successful in all aspects of their social and educational development. 

 “Reason can answer questions, but imagination has to ask them.”By Ralph Gerard