My Classroom Management

Mrs. Boday’s Classroom Management Plan

Appropriate actions for the classroom:           

 The classroom is an environment for learning. All students should respect this right for themselves and their classmates. We will be loyal to those rules established by the administration of our school.  We must believe that learning can be fun, but a degree of structure is necessary for this to occur. I believe each student has an understanding of right and wrong. We will choose to do right. I propose to conference with my students and allow them to help establish a list of appropriate actions that will be practiced at all times to accomplish our ideal that all students have the right to learn. It will be my responsibility to facilitate and guide the students in a safe and secure learning environment. I will be consistent and fair in the management of our established classroom standards. Once we have made a decision of our class rules, they will be posted on the wall for everyone to see and remember. 

Classroom Procedures:           

 I have pledged consistency in my classroom management strategy, and as well, I propose consistency in our daily classroom procedures. I am an advocate of the teaching technique known as elements of essential instruction. As class time begins, performance objectives and the daily activities will be listed on the board. I will begin each day with a focus activity to engage the student’s thinking skills, review the lesson’s objectives, present resource material and new information to enhance the lesson, model appropriate student responses, check for student comprehension, and direct a closing activity. Homework will be an important part of the learning process. It is vital for the student to understand the need to have assignments placed in the homework basket as they enter the classroom on Friday’s. The student is expected to come prepared to class with the appropriate class materials and the motivation to learn. 


 My classroom will be a place where students feel welcome and at home. I care what happens in the educational and personal lives of each of my students. I make an effort to greet all of my students as they enter the class and look forward to opportunities when I can interact with each and every student. A safe and respectful learning environment will ensure that they have the greatest opportunity to learn. “Boday Bucks” will be used to promote and reward excellence in the classroom. My goal is to set each of my student’s up for success. 


 If students choose not to follow the class rules, appropriate and consistent action will take place. A first offense will result in an acknowledgement of the inappropriate behavior and a verbal warning will be issued. On the second offense, the student will turn their apple from green to yellow during which time the student will be counseled concerning his/her inappropriate behavior and have to pay twenty dollars in Boday Cash. On the third offense, the student will turn their card from yellow to red. This will result in having to pay fifty dollars and write a note home. Any offense after this will result in either a principal visit or parent/teacher conference. It is my expectation that the students will be so engaged in their daily activity that consequences will never be an issue. 

Teaching Methods:     

As students walk in the door each day of school, I will be there to greet them and make them feel more comfortable. A routine will be established from the first day that consists of students identifying the class objectives from the “Daily Apple Board”. I will communicate class procedures and model the “1,2,3 eyes on me” technique that I use to get the students re-focused and back on task during daily lessons. I will facilitate the student construction of classroom rules and post for all to see on the “Daily Apple Board”. My expectations for student’s success will be made known and recognized with “Boday Bucks”, a program to teach how hard work and positive behavior are rewarded. Consequences will be discussed and students will be made aware that all will be treated fairly and with respect in my class.