Lip Twitching


A Poem Relating To An Accident In Gray Clould Island


There are simple truths to human kind. Lip Twitching We all know them instinctively. One of these basic truths is our life is our responsibility. This is a blessing. Sometimes this memory is lost or we still would like the creation of our lives to be different. However, each of us is born empowered to write, produce, cast, and direct our own story. Another simple truth is that we must know we have this power, to use it. There is a difference. From my viewpoint, the awareness of this distinction sets the stage for us to become our best champion, our best ally, and our own best friend.


My ability to be my own champion was challenged in 1998 when I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma tumor, which was defined as a 'benign' growth on the auditory nerve on the right side of my brain. The word benign should never be associated with brain surgery. At least, for me it was far from the definition of the word, which I share with you from Merriam-Webster.



My challenge was to learn to live with brain surgery 


When I hear people casually in conversation say, "But it's not brain surgery!" my thought immediately is, "But it WAS brain surgery!" Of course, the reason Lip Twitching people use this colloquialism is to express that what ever they are talking about is not difficult, does not require high skill, nor is it life threatening. My challenge was to learn to live with brain surgery as a defining moment of me, becoming even more me. This meant my champion spirit must carry me through, even if it was difficult, it required high skill, and indeed threatened my very existence.


The doctor told me that it was highly probably that I would lose my hearing and possibly as well, the function of the right side of my face. My response would always be to him, "And, we do not know for sure!" I was a student of metaphysics. 


Probably that I would lose my hearing 


I had a worldwide healing practice. Lip Twitching I had witnessed magical, miraculous, and mystical phenomenon for myself and for others. I knew my attitude would be everything to walk through this experience with as much hope as possible. I knew this would be my personal proof theorem about the power to heal our self. There was a lot at stake in how I handled my recovery, the life lesson, and myself.