Class Activity


Learning Activity: Vocabulary Book



1.      The students will work individually creating a vocabulary work book using vocabulary words and drawing materials with in 30 minute period effectively.

2.      The students will work on memorization skills after creating their work books by the end of the week with 90% accuracy.




            Crayons, Colored Pencils, or Markers

            Pen or Pencil



            Vocabulary List



1.      Take a sheet of paper for each vocabulary word.

2.      Stack the pages together and fold in half creating a booklet. Bind the pages together by stapling.

3.      Open the booklet on the first page in the upper-right hand corner the student will write a vocabulary word.

4.      The student can use their drawing materials to illustrate the vocabulary word written.

5.      After the student has done the drawing, they will write a sentence correctly using the vocabulary words.

6.      The steps will be repeated until the student has finished the vocabulary list.

7.      At the end of making the booklet the student will study the words for a quiz at the end of the week.

 Instructional Video