This week we will be reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  This story tells a tale about three young people who travel from their home in England to the magical land of Narnia.  We will listen to the story on CD, read together as a whole group, and partner read.  We will test on Friday.  I will send a study guide home on Thursday.  Below I have listed some words from the story for you to discuss with your child.

  • approve
  • bruised
  • convenience
  • offend
  • presence
  • vaguely
This week in math we will be learning about the rules of divisibility.  The standard that we will be discussing is: M5N1 Description: M5N1 Students will further develop their understanding of whole numbers. Elements: a. Classify the set of counting numbers into subsets with distinguishing characteristics (odd/even, prime/composite).
b. Find multiples and factors.
c. Analyze and use divisibility rules.
Language Arts

This week we will be working on prepositions and types of sentences.  We will also be working on the following words for vocabulary and spelling.  I will give a test on Friday that is worth two grades. 

Wordly Wise Words:






Each Monday I will send home flashcards attached to this newsletter for you to study with your child.

In addition, we will work on writing personal narratives.