Sight Words (Fry Words)

Kindergarten Sight Words

Kindergarten students will learn 50 sight words this year.  We will use a list called "Fry words," which was developed by Dr. Fry.  We learn the first 50 from his first 100 words list.  The words will be learned in the order listed.  Each week, we will learn two words.  In class, students will have opportunities to practice the words with fun activities, such as songs, games, crafts, etc.  Each Friday, students will be asked to read the words already covered from flash cards.  These oral assessments will be a portion of the reading grade for each nine weeks.

In addition to practice in class, students will need to practice the sight words at home.  I suggest making or purchasing your own set of sight word flashcards and going through the known words daily.  Only add the new words as they are covered, as beginning with a set of 50 words all at once is too overwhelming for most students at this level. 

I have a limited number of sets of flash cards that you may purchase.  I obtained these from Barnes and Nobel, and you may find them at the store, as well.  Just email me if you are interested in a set of store-bought flash cards.

Here is the list of words to be covered this year:

Kindergarten 50 Sight Words

Here are some examples of the videos/songs that we use to help memorize sight words:

"Who" song

"And" song