How to Help Our Class

Parents often ask how they can help out our class at school.  Here is a short list of what you can do....

If you have TIME,

--Help during lunch in the lunchroom.  Kindergarten eats lunch from 10:25 to 10:55 daily and the preparation for this begins about 15-20 minutes earlier.  You can help to put the food on the plates and also help students open their lunch items and use the microwaves.

--Help make copies or work in the classroom.  Contact me beforehand by email to see if there is anything you can help with during your available time slot. 

--There are often things to be copied, laminated and cut out.  These are projects that you could take home and work on.

If you have TALENTS,

--We need some 4"x4" beanbags to use to play games with.  Email me if you are good at sewing and would like to tackle this project.

--  (Thank you to Robin's mom- these are completed!) We need new privacy shields to use during assessments.  I made these from manila folders, which I have a supply of.   Email me if you would be interested in putting these together.  They would also need to be laminated and cut out.

--I would love to have ribbon bookmarks in our writing journals.  Any ribbon would do.  Contact me if you have some to donate or the time to fasten them into our journals (60 of them!).

--We could use some chair pockets for our classroom chairs.  This is a large sewing project.  There are many examples on the internet of how these can be made, they are storage pockets that fit on the back of students' chairs for storing pencil boxes and books.  Email me for more information.

If you can PURCHASE  something,

--Check out our Scholastic book wishlist here:  We can always use new books for our classroom library.  Also, if you purchase books for your child, our class gets points toward free books.

--We are blessed to have a private restroom in our classroom, it often needs supplies such as hand soap and paper towels.

--I buy resources for our classroom from almost weekly.  I could always use a gift card from that website.

--I regularly purchase colored and white cardstock to use in the classroom.  Any donations would be appreciated!

--We have a treasure box in our classroom.  Any student who stayed on green or better gets to choose a toy from it each week.  If you can donate inexpensive toys for our treasure box, it would be wonderful!  Please, no food.

--I often laminate at Mardel's and make color copies at Office Depot.  If you can help with the cost of these, a gift card would be SO appreciated!

If you can DONATE something,

--Our school nurse provides emergency clothes to students who may have accidents during the school day.  She would gladly accept any donations of khaki or navy pants or outgrown uniform shirts. 

--Our PTA also accepts outgrown uniform shirt donations and resells them as a fundraiser at the beginning of each year.

--Our library accepts donations of children's books.  Please consider us whenever you donate books that have been outgrown by your family.