Curriculum Updates



I will update weekly our focus of the topics we are studying in my class. All tests/quizzes are subject to change based on class readiness.  

Week of: January 28-February 1

Vocabulary/Word Work

This week, students will be taking all their knowledge of nouns, adjectives, and verbs and putting it all together into a CLOZE reading passage that mixes them all up. This week the story is about spiders with a mix of all three parts of speech. Students will be asked to sort the words into nouns, adjectives, and verbs and then predict what each blank will be. At the end of the week, students will complete a CLOZE reading using context clues as well as knowledge of the parts of speech.



In our new textbook called Florida Ready Reading, students are focusing on Finding Information from Multiple Sources. 

1. Knowing how to get information from many sources can help you answer questions, solve problems, and gather information quickly. 

2. Use text features such as table of contents, website menus, headings, picture captions, and key words to help locate information quickly and efficiently. Students will be able to tell the difference between print and digital sources. 


HOMEWORK: Due Thursday, January 31: Ederle Amazing article. 

Continue to work on I Ready and Achieve goals. Remember your child brought home a slip of paper stapled into their planner on Tuesday, January 8 with their goal on it due March 21. 

Social Studies

In social studies students will be reading articles to accompany Natural Disasters we are studying. 

HOMEWORK: Achieve article, When Snow Slides, due Friday.