Is IKEA Delivery Free in Dubai?


Dubai is a city full of brands and businesses. This is the center of economic trade for various companies from all over the world. That's the reason you will find every multi-national and national brand here in the city.

Speaking of multinational companies, which stand out in Ikea furniture services in Abu Dhabi. IKEA is abbreviated as, "Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd". This is actually a Swedish store that deals with minimalist furniture transactions including tables, sofas, pillows, and other accessories.

In the same sense, Ikea Dubai offers a variety of majority. This shop is located at Dubai City Festival. On the other hand, spread in a large area and has customers almost all the time.


Today, we will review the store fully i.e. this background, what is it offered, what is the big problem with IKEA?


What are all the commotion about the IKEA store in Dubai?


You can see many people praise the furniture and other lighting accessories available at IKEA. So, the general question arises that what is all the commotion about IKEA? Why is it so famous?


Let's destroy the answer with some important analysis as follows:


1. IKEA offers free home delivery


One of the best IKEA specialties is that it offers free home delivery to customers throughout the UAE shopping online.

There will be no shipping fees from the store no matter how far you are in Dubai.

So, there is peace of mind that no matter how big your shop, it will be sent at your door with a guarantee of the store itself.


2. It provides dismantled furniture


Well, consider it specialize from IKEA that it does not provide furniture products with full assembly. All products are dismantled which has many benefits. For example, if you visit a store located in the Dubai Festival center and choose the Ikea table there, how will you bring a table assembled in the car?

Almost impossible. So, what IKEA does is dismantle each part of the product so that it can be easily loaded in a car or truck shipping.


There is a complete manual user manual available in each product with a complete diagram description. You will be able to assemble every part comfortably when you pass the user manual.


3. IKEA Dubai offers a minimalist design


Ikea Dubai design from the catalog. Source: IKEA.


The unique feature in furniture and other accessories offered by IKEA is that they are made with a minimalist design.

That is the main reason people boast Ikea UAE furniture is too high. It doesn't matter if you choose a sofa, pillow, table, or lights, each product will have a simple but interesting design.

You will see a large number of customers waiting in the queue to enter the IKEA store at the Dubai City Festival. So, the popularity of the store cannot be damaged because you will not see the style of furniture it produces elsewhere.


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