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Ningbo Aosheng Machinery Co., Ltd.



Ningbo Aosheng Machinery Co., Ltd. has three brands, HENX focuses on home garden brands,
Aosheng brand is a commercial garden brand, AS is a cost-effective garden machinery brand.With decades of experience in the professional field, Aosheng has accumulated profound international thinking and manufacturing management experience in the process of strategic cooperation with Mitsubishi, Panasonic and other international brands. The company owns scientific and complete modern industrial cluster, adhering to the synchronous construction guidance of quality and efficiency. It has been introducing all kinds of advanced equipment suitable for production from home and abroad. And there are many processing workshops for  injection molding, die casting and precision engineering, etc. With the cooperation of experienced workers, Aosheng achieves quality output at the manufacturing level through the innovation and promotion of production techniques. At present, the annual output of various products is about 600,000 sets with stable and on-time delivery.