Block 3B


 Homework 3B

Look through your belongings at home.  Find where they were made.  Make a list of 10 different items with where they are form.  All 10 must come from a different country.  There may be no repeats and none may come from the USA.  Extra Cre.dit will be given for more than 10

Ex:  Blanket made in Ireland.

Bring in Information on a famous Hispanic American

10/14 Bring in information on your assigned religion

10/14 Bring in oinformation on your assigned religion;jsessionid=kdS0KJ0NvMbYyK1F0NBy3TVPK0ZJnGKpy5fzt8XvMyTZj10p7wPy!1325083070

select High School

Select New Jersey (NJ)

Click go

Select our text book Modern World History (The purple one ) 

Top left drop down menue pick World Religions and Ethical Systems

Gives you a link for each religion.

Buddhism: Trayvan, Christopher W, Hillary

Hinduism:  Marvin, David, Antonio

confucianism: Joel Wandy, Janiyah

Judaism: Christopher N, Samantha, Isaih

Christianity"  Tevin, Tyrell, Dominique

Islam:  Africana, Daniele, Na Mona, Melvin