Some Important Things To Check when Buying Kids Balance Bike

Clearly, balance bikes look similar, but actually they are not similar. You may need to purchase one as per to the physique of your kid, because there is no specific size as far as Balance bike are concerned. Here is a brief description of what you must remember when getting one.

Height of the Seat

The height of seat must be 1.5 inches beneath inseam of your kid. What it means is that a bike which is planned for a 1 year kid would not perfectly fit with a kid of 5-years. You may get a balance bike according to the age of your kid.


The size of Kids balance bike differs between 10 inches to 20 inches. The balance bike of 12-inch is the famous one. In case your children are a grade-schooler, you may purchase them a balance bicycle of 16-inch. As a thumb rule, the bike of 12-inch is appropriate for most of the kids. Remember that big size bikes would be costlier. Thus, you must be prepared to spend somewhat more.


The bike’s tires can be plastic, rubber, solid foam or pneumatic. These tires prepared from pneumatic and foam is famous. Air tires give maximum cushion and traction. For some of them- air tires, terrain riders are the good option. Alternatively, some other forms of tires are good for usual riders.


Normally, the weight of bike balance bike nz should not more than the weight of your kid. For example, in case your children weigh 25 lb, controlling a balance bike of 10-pound would be difficult for him. Alternatively, the similar will be a wonderful option for 5 years old children. A weighty bike would be stronger but tough to control for a small kid.


When you will search online, you will find that most of the balance bicycles do not have sufficient brakes. Your children would have to utilize their feet to stop this kind of bikes. On the other hand, a hand brake is a best feature on a balance bike. In case your kid is approximately 3 to 5 years old, he can without any difficulty utilize the hand brake.

Turning Limiters

It does not let the handlebar or front wheel complete a revolution. So, the bike would not take prickly turns and your children would be less prone to fall off the balance bike. Thus, it is a wonderful idea to purchase a bike for your kid with effective turning limiters. It will make it simpler for your kid to manage your bike and provide you composure that your baby is complete safe.


The cost of balance bikes differs from one specific model to another. Thus, you must take a careful look at your budget earlier than going for a top-end model. Even most of the balance bikes are cheap; the top-end models can be just reasonable for your pocket. Thus, you may wish to set a budget earlier than purchasing one for your small one.