Mrs. Pollard's Class 2008-2009

 On the side of the filing cabinet, I have a numbered hook for each
student to hang their library/lunch tag on.  This way, they are
responsible for getting it and putting it back on their own.  The MAPS
is a part of my school's behavior management program.
 The black paper at the top is covering windows shared between
classrooms.  By covering them, I created more usable space to hang things.
 This is our group meeting and calendar area.  I used a bubble map
to show our classroom expectations without using words.
 My desk area.
 Our reading station (books are organized by topic within fiction
and non-fiction).  The pockets on the poster help keep track of
our literacy station rotations.

The round table is used for small group time with me.  The green
papers on the bulletin board are for individual student work to be
displayed.  The clear drawers are storage for station materials.