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5 Fantastic iPhone Apps for Studying

The iPhone features thousands of apps dedicated to practically every area of life from apsstore link. Track your household budget, play games, and blog about the things going in your life. It also has apps dedicated to studying and revision. This makes it one of the most powerful devices you can own. Make the most out of it by considering these five fantastic iPhone apps for studying.


Ever had problems with carrying bulky textbooks around with you during exam season? If so, consider downloading Chegg. Chegg lets you convert the most important pages in your textbook to digital form. You can’t download the whole textbook, but downloading the revision pages can come in handy.

You can also install it on your iPad if you’re tired of having to read a book off of a tiny iPhone screen.


Flashcards should figure as part of any good student’s revision schedule. They can ram lots of information into your mind in a short space of time. Cram is an app which makes flashcard decks. You can use this app for any subject. Make decks consisting of hundreds of flashcards.

Cram also has a testing feature. Make your own multiple-choice tests and randomise them to get the most out of using this multi-purpose app.


Mind maps have always been a major part of bringing together large chunks of information into one space. Apply it to your revision schedule without the problem of having large pieces of paper crunched into your bag. SimpleMind creates virtual mind maps and makes them accessible to you on the go.

Simply enter the information and link different things across the screen. It’s easy to make sense of different concepts and thinking up new things with this app. It has a small charge attached to it, but you can give it a test run before parting with any cash.

Wolfram Alpha

A company in Germany conceived Wolfram Alpha by merging aspects of Google and Wikipedia. They took the enhanced search feature from Google and combined it with the depth of information from Wikipedia. They went even further by providing more technical knowledge supplied by academics.

Type in a keyword and the app reveals a number of similar results. Click the one you feel most relevant and start learning. It still lacks certain niche subjects, but it’s regularly being updated to fill in the gaps.

AnkiMobile Flashcards

AnkiMobile Flashcards differs slightly to Cram. It doesn’t contain the multi-purpose multiple-choice testing feature. It’s the most powerful app for making revision flashcard decks, though. Decks can contain thousands of cards; so far the maximum appears to be around 100,000.

Completely randomise them to really test your mind. Make them as simple or as detailed as you want.

There’s also a free cloud synchronisation option available. It associates your decks with an individual account, rather than device. Access the app from anywhere and use your own decks, regardless of if you’re using a different iPhone or other Apple device.