Classroom Layout

The classroom layout below is subject to change at any time so that we can make the classroom as safe and easy to navigate as we can. This means the layout may change based on the lab, experiment, or science concept we are learning at the time.


As you walk in the door, the wall immediately flush with the door will have cabinets running along the whole wall, a blckboard, a T.V. and 2 fishtanks. There is also another door at the opposite end of the wall. 

The wall immediately adjacent to the door that you walk in, also has another blackboard and bookshelves with supplies in it. There is also a science equipment closet located at the back of this wall.  

The "back wall," when you walk in the room, has a low bookshelves with "counter" space on top all the way across the wall.The clock in the class is also located on this wall. In addition, this wall also has a set of windows running the length of the wall. In front of these bookcases and parallel to the wall are 3 long lab tables with sinks, outlets, and drawers underneath. 

The final wall at the far right, also has another lab table running parallel to the wall with the same fixtures as the other lab tables. 

In the center of the room, facing the blackboard are rows of desks set up on diagonals to face the front blackboard with greater viewing ability. Desks will be moved regulary to make the room most conducive to that days lesson. However, when this happens there will be a seating chart up on the overhead. The overhead will come down in front of the blackboard. Behind these desks, and in front of the lab tables across the back wall is the teacher's desk. 

 The rules for the class will be posted on the walls next to the front blackboard on both sides, so both halves of the room can see them at all times.