Behavior Goals, Guidelines, and Games

In order to create an environment where students feel safe to explore, learn, ask questions, and grow, I have created a plan to help deal with any behavior that may contradict this goal and will encourage the type of behavior that will create a safe environment. 

Behavior Plans Overview:

 Preventative Plan:

1. Students are expected to follow rules in the Class Rules Agreement.

2. Students will participate in the monthly Science Forum.

Supportive Plan:

1. Good Behavior Game

2. "Catch You Doing Something Good" points

Corrective Plan:

1. Students will participate in behavior contracting which the student and teacher will create and agree upon together.

2.  Students will receive consequences for their choice to not follow class rules.



Overview: Student will conduct a monthly Science Forum to discuss and deal with any questions, concerns, ideas they may have academically or socially in the classroom. Certain people will be assigned roles to help facilitate the Forum. Everyone will get at least one chance to fulfill one of these roles.

Objective: To allow students the opportunity to discuss the progress of the class in a positive and productive manner.


1. Nobel Speaker:

Leader of the Forum. This person will be picked based on the "Catch You Doing Something Good" Points because this person must show leadership qualities in the classroom. They will receive this role by leading by example. Therefore, it is natural that the person who has the most "CYDSG" points will receive this role for the month. 

  • Open and Close Forum
  • Call on Speakers
  • Facilitate the flow of the meeting
  • Help maintain a positive attitude
2. Data Collector: 

This person will be in charge of keeping a written/typed record of the issues dealt with during the meeting. They will be picked randomly from the class list.
  • Record issues
  • Record ideas
  • Record questions
  • Record positive/negative outcomes

3. Lab Reporter:

 This person will be in charge of summarizing and clarifying after each area of discussion so we are all on the same page. This person will be picked at random from the class list.

  • Summarize discussions
  • Clarify issues, concerns, questions

1. Follow regular class rules

2. For every negative include a positive

3. The goal is to make the class the safest and best environment for growth, if the issue does not concern this, DONT BRING IT UP!

4. Teacher retains right to veto anything that gets brought up that shouldn't be.

5.  This is a priveldege and not a right. Teacher has right to stop the Forum at any time if it is not being used correctly. 

*** Subject to change based on needs of class




This game will be played throughout the school year by the class as a whole. The gameboard will consist of three goals along a path. As the students exhibit good behavior they will be able to move along the path. When they reach a goal on the path, they will receive a reward. When they reach the last goal on the path, they will receive an even larger reward. The rewards will be discussed by the the students and teacher and agreed upon in the first Science Forum. 




Students need to know that their good character and good choices do not go unnoticed. Therefore, I will reward students with a "CYDSG" point when they are exhibiting these positive characeristics in the classroom, at school events, or in the school builiding. When a student earns 10 points they will be able to pick a reward out of the Science Flask of Rewards. If a student receives 50 points in a year, they will receive an even larger reward. 



(not limited to this)


1. Helping a friend

1. 5 minutes free time

2. Going above and beyond on an assignment

2.  Break card

3. Participating in class regularly

3.  Homework pass

4. Encouraging others regularly

4. 2 points extra credit

5. Positive attitudes

5.  1 free answer on a quiz

6. Practicing Safety Rules

6.  No toll booth pass for the day

7. Helping the teacher without being asked

7.  5 minutes Brain Pop Science time

8. Leading by example

8.  Activity Choice

9. Cleaning up after others

9.  5 minutes note writing time




A behavior contract will be developed when there is an ongoing problem in the class that affects the student academically or socially. The student will meet with the teacher, discuss the behavior, come up with a plan of action to change the behavior, create an accounatbility system for the plan, and sign the agreement. The parents will also be notified of this and will be sent a copy to sign and date. The teacher will then check in with the student at a time specified by the student and teacher to make sure the plan is effective.

If someone other than the student and teacher needs to be involved in the plan, I will contact the parent and the person who is qualified to deal with the issue at hand. The parent will be asked and informed before anyone else is involved.