Parent Page and Contact Info

Welcome to the Parent Page!

Here is some information you need to know for the this school year.

1. Contact information:

       Feel free to contact me at any time. I will do my absolute best to get back to you within 24 hours.


                         school phone #:   555-555-5555 X 123

2. I will post all permission slips as an attachment on this page.

3. I will notify you by e-mail or phone of any concerns or praises I have of your child.

4. I will notify you of any behavior contracts that are going to be set-up in class and will ask for your input.  We can set up a face-to-face meeting or by phone depending on what is most appropriate.

5. The Support Staff page has names of people who may be able to help you and your child this year. Please ask me if you need        something that is not listed there and I will do my best to find the contact person you need or send you in the right direction. 

6. Students will receive progress reports and report cards as designated by the district.

7. I wil be glad to set up conferences with you to discuss how to best meet the needs of your student. 

8. If you ever have a question, PLEASE feel free to ask!