Read chapters 11 and 12 in the HA! textbook. Complete two column notes for these chapters. Expect a unit test on Egypt and the Hebrews next Friday, November 15th. It will not be open note.

Your homework for this week is to have the five sections of chapter four worksheets that go along with the green textbook completed by Friday. Do not do the Challenge Activities. Section one, Section two, Section three, Section four, and Section five can all be downloaded and printed out if you were unable to get a set in class. These will serve as helpful study guides for the unit test and final exam, so make sure they are completed and accurate.

There will be no homework over the weekend of October 26th. Happy Diwali for those who celebrate! You will be getting your Knowledge Checks back on Monday.

Make sure you have two column notes for chapters seven, eight, and nine from the purple HA! textbook completed by Friday, October 25th (yes, I added a chapter but gave some additional time to complete this. You have also had a lot of time in class to do this work). You will be having an open notebook Knowledge Check on Friday the 25th covering Geography of the Early Sttlements of Egypt, Kush, and Canaan (chapter seven), the Ancient Egyptian Pharoahs (chapter eight), and the daily life in Ancient Egypt (chapter nine). We will then move on to the Kingdom of Kush and the Hebrews.

There is no homework for the weekend of 10/12. You will get your in-class essays back Tuesday and we will begin the second quarter with ancient Egypt. Enjoy your long weekend!

There is no homework for the weekend of 10/5. Do something nice for a neighbor, help your parents around the house, be kind to your siblings. Read a book for pleasure. Please don't spend all your time on an elcetronic device unless, of course, you are cheering on Coach Ballard's fantasy players. Go Goats! We will be starting chapter six in the HA! textbook, so if you are dying to get started on the reading, feel free to get ahead.

There will be a geography test on southwest Asia, northeast Africa, and Europe on Friday, October 4th . It will not be open note.

Make sure that you have the chapter 3, section four worksheets that accompany the green AC textbook completed by next Thursday, October 3rd (you will have some time in class on Friday to work on the worksheets, and I fully expect that those who use their time wisely will have them completed in class). In honor of the upcoming Rosh Hashanah holiday, there will be no homework or assessments from Sunday, September 29th through Wednesday, October 2nd. 

If you did not finish the classwork assigned on Friday to draw a picture of the four problems the Sumerians faced and the solutions they came up with to address those problems, you will need to complete this at home. Refer to pp. 35-38 in the HA! textbook for your source of information. You will need this glued into your notebooks for the upcoming Knowledge Check later this week.

For Thursday, September  26th--be sure to have two column notes for chapter 4 out of the HA! textbook completed and any accompanying worksheets from the AC textbook filled in ***DO NOT COMPLETE ANY OF THE CHALLENGE ACTIVITIES IN THE WORKSHEETS UNLESS INSTRUCTED OTHERWISE***. You should be ready for a Knowledge Check anytime after Wednesday's class (yes, this should be a big hint)--remember, KCs are frequently unannounced and will often be open notebook, so be thorough in the completion of these tasks. Be sure that you have ALL the handouts and notes from class in your notebook as well (you do not need the information from Constitution Day BUT it could contain an extra credit question). Pay particular attention to the maps that you were given to label and color.

For Thursday, September 18th--make sure you have the continents/oceans and countries maps labeled (Asia, Europe, and Africa).

There is no homework for the weekend of September 14th and 15th.

Week 5

Due Monday, September 9th--Using the notes you and your groupmates made Tuesday with the cave painting, sculpture, and spear-throwing pictures, write about what each of these pictures told historians and scholars about the daily lives of the people who lived then. Do not use the first person or personal pronouns. When you are finished, turn your papers in to me. You may then work on the two sets of worksheets I gave you. If you do not finish the worksheets in class they will need to be completed at home over the weekend. If you were absent the two sets of worksheets are attached below for sections two and three in chapter two of the Ancient Civilzation textbook.

Chapter 2 section 2

Chapter 2 section 3


For Wednesday, September 4th--take a look at the picture on page 32 of the green Ancient Civilzation textbook. What are the five roles the various members of society are engaged in? KNow the five characteristics, or activities, portrayed in the painting.

ALL OF YOUR CHAPTER ONE WORKSHEETS AND CHAPTER TWO, SECTION ONE WORKSHEETS  from the Ancient Civilzation textbook SHOULD BE COMPLETED BY WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th. The chapter two in-class worksheets using the HA! textbook should be completed and glued into your notebook.

For Thursday, August 29th--complete section one, chapter two (pp 28-33) two-column notes from the Ancient Civilzation textbook.

For Wednesday, September 4th--If you would like to rewrite you careers essay, you may. They will be due the Wednesday after we return from Labor Day weekend.

For Tuesday, September 3rd--Your "homework" over the weekend is to look up why we celebrate Labor Day. You do not have to write or turn in anything, just know why it is a federal holiday in the United States.

For Friday, August 30th--log in to your Sarasota County School Board (SCSB) account using your N Number. Using your school email account, send me an email to my SCSB account liz.ballard@sarasotacountyschools.net and attach a word or pdf document to the email. I don't care what the attachment is, it can be a word file that has "Hi" typed on it. In the future I will ONLY accept electronic submissions from your SCSB account or through BlackBoard. You do not always have access to your parents email but you should always be able to access your school email. Be aware that everything that you send from your school email or to a school email is subject to the Florida public record laws. This assignment is due before class starts on Friday. IF YOU SUMBIT THROUGH ONENOTE OR SHAREPOINT YOU NEED TO GRANT ME ACCESS TO THE DOCUMENT IN ORDER FOR ME TO OPEN IT (AND FOR YOU TO RECEIVE CREDIT). IF YOU SUBMIT BY ATTACHING THE DOCUMENT TO AN EMAIL YOU DO NOT NEED TO GRANT ME ACCESS TO THE FILE. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO WAYS TO SUBMIT AND KNOWING THE STEPS YOU MAY NEED TO TAKE IF YOU CHOOSE TO GO THROUGH SHAREPOINT OR ONENOTE.

***Please Note*** As we get moving along in our coursework, know that it is every student's responsibility to follow the specific guidelines set forth for each assignment. Students are given ample opportunity to complete their work; waiting until the last minute is not advised. The only way the guidelines can be overridden is by Coach Ballard or an adminsitrator. Parents, students, or other teachers may not change due dates or the criteria for acceptable submissions. Assignments that don't meet submission guidelines will see that reflected in the grade the assignment receives. If students are having any problems with electronic submissions they need to contact me as soon as the problems arise.


Due Tuesday, August 20th--get onto Blackboard and download the rubric for your essay that is due Sunday. YES, I can run a report on Blackboard that shows who has downloaded the attachment, and NO I do not want panicked emails an hour before the essay is due Sunday if you are having trouble accessing the assignment! Make sure you can get into the assignment and rubric Monday night so if there is a problem the IT folks can get it fixed. They do not work weekends.

Due Wednesday August 21st--any rewrites of the Corwin Why History is Important paper are due at the beginning of class. Be sure to include your original work if you wish to receive a grade change.

Due Sunday, August 25th--Careers Essay. Go to your Blackboard page for the rubric and submission guidelines.


Due Wednesday, August 14th--signed World History Course Expectations

Due Friday, August 16th--"Getting to Know You" information sheet **this is really parents' homework and will not count towards grade**

Due Sunday, August 18th by midnight (please be in bed by then)--Week 1 Discussion Board where you introduce yourselves to your class mates

Due Monday, August 19th at the beginning of class--Summer Work Packet answers and timeline