Student Grades

I do not give grades. 

Students earn them based on performance and mastery of skills.


Would you like to know how your student is doing before progress reports and report cards come out? Here are the steps:

1. Go to 


2.  Under "Families" click on SISK12 Parent Portal 


3.  Put in your user name and password

**If you need to sign up, please contact PVE's main office 636-625-2492**


Mrs. Herbert's Grading Cheat Sheet 

Here is a list of symbols you may see on your child's paper, and what they mean

Check Mark Stamp: I have checked this paper. Participation points are sometimes given. If there is a check mark stamp, the student has earned full points.  If the student did not earn full points I will write a note to explain why.

Percentage: This is the percentage the student has earned on their paper or test. The letter grade scale is in the 3rd grade handbook for you to review if needed.

Other Stamps: If there is a Star, Thumbs up, or other type Stamp on the student's paper, it means we have done the activity together in class.