Student Website Resources

Math Websites:

Ten marks

Envision Math Website 

Games, Videos, and Lessons for each Envision Topic

Math Textbook Website 

View your Math Textbook from home

3rd Grade Math Skills Activities 

Multiplication Practice

Mr. Nussbaum 

Math Games for every subject

Create A Graph 

Make graphs of all kinds and print


Geometry Practice

Science Websites:


Weather Games

Weather-Change the weather

Science Games


Science Skill Games

Social Studies Websites:

Famous Missourians Website

Westward Trail 

Pretend you are a pioneer on the new frontier.

MO Symbols Research

Plymouth Rock Field Trip

Lemonade Stand Game 

Play this to help complete your project.

Virtual Zoo 

Use this to locate animals for your zoo.

St. Louis Zoo 

Use this website to find a map of the zoo and other animal information.

Reading Websites:

Bitesize KS1 

Reading and Language Skills

Bitsize KS2 

Reading and English Practice

Read Books online at Magic Key 

Storybooks Online

Reading Skills-Internet 4 Classrooms 

Grammar and Reading Skill Builders


Word Work 

Reading Practice


Typing Websites:

Magnetic Poetry 

Poetry Games

Poetry Shel Sliverstein 

Poetry Examples

Themes and Topics 

Themes and Topics for Writing Reports


Typing, Writing, and Spelling Practice

Typing Practice 

Dance Mat Typing

Fact Monster 

Information for Writing Reports



Class Flow

Safe Pictures for Projects

Approved Game Sites

Beat the Bully 

Strategies for dealing with bullies

Fun Brain 

Skill Game Site

Handling Peer Pressure 

Strategies for Handling Peer Pressure

The Kids Page-puzzles