RuneScape’s Login Lockout Finally getting Resolved


RuneScape gold was heavily influenced by a recent login blocking issue that resulted in many players being "banned" from their accounts. After receiving initial data from several test processes, the officers confirmed that the problem was a "technical error".

Initial testing also confirmed that most accounts would also lose some of their valuable data, and the official fashion statement also confirmed that the development team is working around the clock to find the best methods and tools to fix the problem. A way that also helps us to avoid losing important player data as much as possible.

On March 12th, Mod Warden posted a video detailing the development team's many problems and the processes the team went through to resolve issues as quickly as possible. He also indicated that the problem was important. more complex, something that has never happened before in the 20 years of RuneScape's existence.

According to that announcement, the team could start rebuilding accounts in late March and you can start buying a ton of OSRS gold coins for a low price!

Has the account recovery process started?

A few days ago, thanks to their tireless efforts, the beta team was able to gather detailed information about the status of player accounts. The team found that most accounts require a small change, but other accounts have bigger issues that will take longer to resolve once a solution is presented and if something goes wrong with you. If you want, check out those old RuneScape accounts to start over with or check out OSRS acceleration to get your own account where you want it.

Based on that, the officials said the account recovery process will begin next week and after the recovery, players will receive additional information about their account to ensure they don't run into any issues when transitioning to the game.

The changes added that this is an on-going process and the account recovery process will start with accounts that are in a decent recovery state and you will get an update starting next week. Day by email as soon as your account can be returned. Gambling.

Are you having problems with your account?

Unfortunately yes. Even after the development team fixed the problem and restored your account so that it is playable again, your account has not just a minor problem, but a serious one. Here are some of them:

1. Your banks may not be in the same organized state so you will need to reorganize them.
You risk losing or voiding the benefits of your invention.
Progress in your farming / progress made with animals in stables and barns can also be made on February 8th.

Good news is waiting for you!

We know this problem is very frustrating for those affected, but don't get discouraged or discouraged as the officials have also announced some great free gifts and offers that you will receive after your accounts have Buy old school rs gold been restored, including a free membership and one Welcome cosmetic kits. .., discounts and much more.