OSRS Combat Guide for F2P Players


When playing F2P in OSRS, you should keep these areas in mind in order to improve your combat skills.

For those of you looking to earn RuneScape gold and Glory, there are a few things to know first. If you play the F2P version of the game, you might find that preparing to conquer the world of Old School Runescape can be a daunting and time-consuming task. They are also limited in relation to the participants.

However, you still have options for getting the most out of your combat training. With that in mind, this short OSRS combat guide will show you the best places to train as an F2P player in combat.

The first 20 levels

We go to the farm near Lambridge to feed the chickens. As with most early level games, this is a point where the leveling up gets done quite quickly. You also have a bonus in the form of chickens that drop feathers, as well as the ability to collect raw chickens. Once you have done that, go to the nearest place to cook the chicken, this will also help you improve your cooking skills. If at some point you are considering becoming a full member, save the chicken feathers for the future.

Once you reach level 10, head to Lambridge Swamp. Then we will fight the giant rats south of the cemetery. This way you will quickly reach level 20.

Reach level 30

From now on, we'll be focusing on the Al-Harid Warriors to bring us up to level 30. These level 9 NPCs are a great way to earn Hourly Experience while protecting them. If you also shop for groceries, you can even increase your AFK level if you wish.

Hill Giants up to level 70

Hill Giants can be used to level up your character to level 70. Indeed, they have a lot of experience per hour and offer drops which are good for earning OSRS gold. If you go to the Great Exchange west of the Culinary Guild, you will find it here.

Go to the big purse and buy a brass key with which you can enter a small house. Now you can start practicing in an area that many old school players will fondly remember.

Up to level 80

The giant spiders are your next stop, so it's time to grab some food and potions to help you fight them off. In the fortress security dungeon, go to the third level, known as the plague. As you continue to move towards the area, you will find that this is a very effective leveling method. Just make sure your defensive skills are high enough to counter spiders, as this is a very convenient place to level up.

Complete level 80

Finally, a visit to the Corsair Cove dungeon is where you can level up to level 80 thanks to the Ogri warriors living in the area. They have very good attack and defense skills, but they give you good experience to take them down. Again, make sure you have enough food and potions.

All of these methods will also help you collect your hard earned money, so you don't have to worry about Buy old school rs gold . Der Kauf von OSRS-Gold is often eine g?ngige Praxis für einige, um reich zu werden, aber einige dieser Methoden verbessern gleichzeitig Ihre Kampff?higkeiten und wieren einen gewissen Sieuinn, vielle, bring zuen-you want to.