About Ms. S.

Hello! This is my 18th year teaching! I have taught 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and am currently teaching 4th grade! I love teaching and love to share my excitement about learning with my students! I have always loved school! When I was a little girl I used to line up my dolls in rows and make them all name tags. My favorite subject growing up was Social Studies! 

My Favorite Things

  • Traveling- I have visited 40 countries (so far!) and visited 6 continents!
  • Photography- I always have my camera ready to go!
  • Exercising- I love going to the gym and doing outdoorsy things like hiking, biking, or kayaking.
  • Spending time with my family- I have 2 nieces who are the best!
  • Favorite Color- Heather Gray
  • Favorite Fruit- Honey Crisp Apple
  • Favorite Vegetable- Broccoli
  • Favorite Type of Food- Greek/Mediterranean

I wonder what your favorite things are?!


Email- ​laura_schmitz@lawndalesd.net

Classroom Twitter account- MsSchmitz_LESD