The FPA 5/6 Corner!

The FPA 5/6 Corner!

Welcome 5/6 students, family, and friends to the FPA 5/6 corner.  The corner is for you to use as an at home resource for you read about announcements, reminders, and homework assignments. 



Consider giving to the Giving Tree this year!

Turn in your field forms!

Field Trip to the Nutcracker: December 16th 9am-12pm

Old News but Good News

Planners:  Remember to check and sign your child's planner a minimum of two times a week!

Whoo RAH:  Our reading program this year consists of the following:

  • Read 25 minutes 5 out of 7 days of the week
  • Record time spent and what you read on Whoo RAH recording sheet.  (Parents please review and sign by Monday)
  • Write a Whoo RAH reading response after reading. (There is a list of writing ideas and prompts glue on the front cover of your child's Whoo RAH response notebook)
  • Turn in Whoo RAH recording sheet (with parent's signature), and reading response notebook every MONDAY



Language Arts: Revising!  Our goal is to start typing by Monday

Wordly Wise: Word Hunt and study for Test Tomorrow!

Social Studies: Finishing presentations tomorrow

Reading: Finish reading and comprehension questions  (Books must be finised over the weekend)


Language Arts: Beginning revising narrative based off of fellow author's comments, teacher comments, or self revising from class today. 

Word Studies: Syllable Breaks

Wordly Wise: Study! Test Tomorrow!

Social Studies: Research slides 1-6

Reading: Finish reading assignment and assigned questions.  Literature Circles on Wednesday!


Language Arts: 1st Draft COMPLETE draft of narrative due Monday (Extended Track), or 1st revised draft due on Monday (Normal Track)

Math: See Planner

Wordly Wise: Finish Packet, Study

Word Studies: Write a sentense for each word

Reading: Literature Circles: Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Social Studies: Research for slides 1-4 due Monday

Projects going on....


Narrative Writing: Students are developing their own narrative!

Meso-American Ancient Civilization Projects due Wednesday, December 7th.

Book Club Books needs to be finished by Friday, December 9th. 

Breaking News:  

Every Friday each student will be assigned to a type of news. (International, National, State, or Local) Then over the weekend, each student will find an article either in the newspaper or online that fits the category that he or she was assigned.      

Breaking News is due every Monday