Dear Parents/Guardians,

This year’s math class is using an online curriculum program called Digits for student instruction and assignments.  Students will receive instruction in their math class period and will have a workbook to complete examples.  During the math lab, students will have an opportunity to start their online homework assigned earlier in the day.  I usually give 2 days to complete the online assignment.  Your child is required to have a SYW notebook.  The Show Your Work notebook is where every student is to work out the online problems. For the homework grade, I give points based on the online assignment grade and also for showing me their work.   If a grade is not recorded in Power School, it may be because I’m still waiting to look at their SYW notebook.  

Accessing the program from your home computer or tablet is simple and secure.  Go to  www.pearsonrealize.com to reach the home page.  Your child will sign in using the username and password given to them in class.  One nice feature of the program is that it gives you instant feedback.  There are help features to guide your child solve it correctly.  If your child is using a tablet or iPhone, he or she will need to first download the free app called Puffin Academy.  Then search for Digits and click on "Digits on Realize" to sign in.  

If you notice frequent error messages or have other issues related to accessing and using program materials, here are some troubleshooting ideas:

  • You may need to perform simple updates on your internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari.  Check that you are using an up-to-date  browser, such as Internet Explorer 9 or higher.  

  • If your student is using a tablet or iPhone , he or she will need to first download the free app called Puffin Academy.  Then, search for Digits and sign in.  All students need to use the Realize version, not SuccessNet Plus version.   

  • Your wireless connection to the Internet, or your Internet connection, may not be working properly.  Make sure that you are able to use the Internet to view other web pages with your computer or tablet.

  • There is technical support offered through Pearson Education.  You can contact them by phone (1-800-234-5832) or online at support.pearsonschool.com.  Please write me a note if there are times when you are having computer issues. 




Lindsay Kaufman