Mrs. Kaufman's Class - Math is Awesome! 


Welcome to Mrs. Kaufman's Math Class! I am excited to create a website dedicated to what we are learning in class this year.  I will continually be adding links and information that will be beneficial to our learning.  If you have any links that you feel would benefit our class page, please email me and I will be more than willing to take a look.  This is our class page and I want all of my students to be active users! This website is dedicated to providing educational resources for you to use while we explore new concepots in math this year.  


The Rules

  • Come to class prepared
  • Pay attention
  • Ask questions
  • Fill out assignment books
  • Respect each other and staff

Respect will be shown to classmates and staff.


Homework Policy

Homework must be turned in when collected.  If you choose not to do homework you will have a lunch bunch until it is done and turned in.  After three late assignments, detentions may be assigned.  Students may use extended day passess in place of turning in homework.  

*No assignments are to be done in pen or highlighter unless told to do so.


All school rules apply in my classroom.


Cell Policy

Cell phones are NOT allowed in my   classroom for any reason.  If you bring a cellphone to class, I will take it from you.  Your cell phone will be sent to the office.  

Attention students:

If you are absent, YOU are responsible to collect makeup work and turning it in.  If you are in schoool for part of the day, it is your responsibility to collect the assignment for class.  This applies if you leave school early or arrive late.  You have as many days to complete the work as you were absent.  FOr example, if you were absent for two days, you have two days to complete the work assigned on those days.  

Chrome Book

You need to bring your chrome book to class every day.