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 Why are we here?  Fortune and glory, kid.  Wait, that's Indiana Jones, and while history is exciting, it may not live up to the cracking whip of Dr. Jones.  In this class, we will tour the civilizations of the world, from the Fertile Crescent of ancient Sumer to the latifundia of the Roman Empire.  This website is to help guide students and parents on that journey by providing useful information on current classroom topics or to provide direction if you miss out on some of the adventures (absences).  

If you do happen to fall behind, fret not, dear traveller.  Within this website, you will find any makeup work, homework, projects, notes, videos, and classroom lectures that will help you rejoin your fellow adventurers

Week One Blog

Week One starts big.  During this week, we will all be journeying to the Fertile Crescent: the birthplace of civilization.  This is the land of Sumer and later on, Mesopotamia.  Situated in modern day Iraq, the civilization of Sumer is the cradle of civilization.  Here is a video previewing the civilization:

Also, for this week, students should be familiar with the following vocabular word unique to this unit.  Hint: There is a quiz at the end of the week!

1. Fertile Crescent

2. Mesopotamia

3. ziggurat

4. Code of Hammurabi

5. cuneiform

*More information can be found in this week's take-home pamphlet.

Students and parents, be aware that there are several fieldtrips scheduled throughout the school year. More information on dates and volunteer opportunities will be contained in the classrroom newsletter (available as a physical copy and on this website!).


Google Classroom


In addition to this website, students and parents may also access class assignments, information, videos, and lectures at our Google Classroom site.

This week, the website contains the end-of-the-week vocabulary quiz, the introductory video, and the classroom newsletter.  All assignments may be submitted in class or on that website.  This helps absent students stay abreast with the rest of the classroom and enables them to submit assignments on time!

Sign into Google Classrrom at and use the class code kgj5l6

Alternatively, you may also access Google Classroom via the email that has already been sent out.


Your guide on an adventure in history,

Lucas Kirtley