Reading/Language Arts Curriculum

 ·  Learn comprehension skills and strategies. 

·  Learn how to think through a story.

·  Learn how to spell words

·  Read 120 first grade word wall words.

·  Learn sentence structure and grammar skills.


Math Curriculum

· Learn how to add and subtract.

· Learn about 3-D shapes.

·  Learn how to tell time on the hour and half hour.

· Learn about fractions.

· Learn how to count money.

· Learn how to skip count 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

· Learn how to add and subtract double digits with and   without regrouping.

· Learn how to measure using a variety of measurement tools.


 Science Curriculum

This year students will learn about

the Scientific Method and

conduct hands-on experiments.


Social Studies Curriculum

This year we will be studying the Five Themes of Geography, Map Skills, Landforms, Community Workers, Goods and Services and much more.